The Backstory

What we do and why we do it...

Our founder's story

Lauretta Ihonor
Lauretta Ihonor, founder of Soul Level Hang, has been obsessed with figuring her purpose in this world for as long as she can remember. It’s an obsession that drove her to walk away from her safe career as a doctor to find what she was meant to do.

First, she tried her hand at many careers (fashion stylist, journalist, nutritionist, TV producer, entrepreneur) but nothing – no matter how glamorous or well-paid – made her feel truly fulfilled.

So, she decided to head to India and immerse herself in ashram life and holy rituals along the Ganges, followed by an equally clichéd trip to Bali where she sought answers from astrologists, healers and village high priests.

The experience threw her into the world of meditation, ancient Buddhist and Hindu scriptures, Kundalini Yoga, breathwork and mantras… and then something strange happened. The answers she had been looking for started to flow.

Obsessed with understanding why a bunch of weird practices and ancient texts were having such a huge effect on her life, she dove headfirst into learning all about them.

And Soul Level Hang was born! (It felt kinda mean to learn this stuff and keep it to herself.)

She’s now a Kundalini Research Institute-certified Kundalini Yoga teacher and trained Vedic and gong meditation teacher.

These days you can catch her tinkering around with one biohacking experiment after another, teaching Kundalini yoga and meditation at JOY Yoga Studio in London, and running things right here on Soul Level Hang.

Our mission

small white candle with 'we be chillin' label
Ever noticed how some people seem to sail through whatever life throws at them? They have a keen sense of purpose, are chilled even under fire and things always seem to work out for them?

We think there’s a reason for that.

Read the words of the wisest people who’ve ever walked this earth and you’ll find they all agree that life’s just a game. And once you realise this and start playing according to the rules, life goes from feeling unnecessarily stressful and pointless to feeling like the best thing ever.

The only reason so many of us have such a hard time is that we have NO idea we’re playing a game.

Look, we’ll be real with you. 95% of the time, we get caught up in the game too, that’s why we’ve become obsessed with discovering the practices that expand our awareness, so we can play the game like a badass and start to really enjoy life.

Wanna join us?