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Welcome to Soul Level Hang

You know those deep 1 am conversations you find yourself having with the randomest people – the conversations that spark something inside of you that confirms your belief that there’s WAY more to life than most people realise?

That’s what Soul Level Hang is all about.

We get that you want more from life.

We also get that the right job title, a big bank balance and all that external stuff just doesn't seem to do it for you anymore.

What you're really seeking is a deep understanding of who you are and your purpose in this crazy world.

And you know that achieving that type of awareness would unlock a new level of soul-level badassery that NOTHING can rock.

That's where we come in.

We won't lie to you. We're still figuring this stuff out, but travelling solo isn't much fun, so we're inviting you along for the ride.

At Soul Level Hang, we're obsessed with questioning life, meaning and purpose.

Wanna go deep and spark a major shift in your life?

Then let's hang out!

3 ways to hang with us



Kick back and dive into a collection of musings and real talk about life, meaning and purpose – created to help you figure your life out.



Real change happens when you step outside your comfort zone. FACT. So we’re here to push you outside that zone every single week.  Join our challenge and every week, we’ll send you a bold action you must take to spark real change in your life.



Drop into our virtual live hangouts for soul-level conversations with fellow self-realised badasses… in the making. These small group sessions give you a space to get practical advice on life’s challenges, discover new ways to elevate your life and talk about random sh*t with a group of people who just ‘get it’.

Meet our founder

Lauretta Ihonor is a London-based doctor-turned-writer and entrepreneur, and lifelong seeker of 'something more'. The search so far has spanned six career changes, running off to India and then (you guessed it) Bali to 'find herself', 5 am Himalayan treks, Indonesian high priests and SO much more.

Obsessed with finding ways to heighten her life experience, she's been bitten by the meditation and biohacking bug. This means that yes, she's a KRI-certified Kundalini Yoga teacher and is also trained in Vedic meditation, but she can also be found experimenting with a mix of ancient and modern practices, from fasting and adaptogens, to cryotherapy and soundwave therapy.